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How do you turn on the shower? (Example 1)

(picture of shower control) This has got to be the worst design ever for a shower control. It is so bad there is a sticker on the faucet giving instructions for how to make the water come out of the shower instead of the faucet. You'll never guess how you turn on the shower. You reach under the faucet, grab the part where the water comes out and pull down on it!

Design suggestion

This design is bad for a number of reasons. One is that nothing else works like this. Another is that the "control" for turning on the shower doesn't look anything like a control, so the control is basically hidden. Frequently, when devices come with instructions stuck on them, there is a problem with the design.

Reader's comment

I used to have that awful shower controller where you pull down on the nozzle to turn it on. I had to tell every guest how to do it, and when we sold our house, we got a call from the new owners about 5 days later asking how to turn on the shower. They had been taking baths for 5 days! Unbelievable. - BL

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