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What's in the bottle? (Example 1)

(picture of two bottles) A lot of manufacturers package both shampoo and conditioner in nearly identical bottles. You ought to be able to easily distinguish between them in the shower without your glasses on.

Going on a trip, I quickly packed my suitcase taking the hand lotion (bottle on the left) instead of the shampoo (bottle on the right). I didn't discover my mistake until I was in the shower the next morning in the motel and my hair was full of hand lotion! Have you ever tried to wash hand lotion out of your hair with a bar of soap? For a similar bad design example see: What's in the bottle? (Example 2).

Design suggestion

Things that need to be distinguished from each other should differ by more than just a single feature. For example, the bottles could have different shapes and sizes to make them more distinguishable.

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