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Turn down the TV

Remote Control You are sitting in front of the TV, and want to turn down the sound. You grab the remote control, scan for the button with the down-arrow and push it. The TV gets louder! You pushed the up-arrow button instead of the down-arrow button. Why?

The letter "V" for volume is on the two volume control buttons. Although the buttons are shaped like up- and down-arrows for increasing and decreasing the volume, the letter "V" looks like a down-arrow. When you are scanning the remote control for a down-arrow, you see the "V" as a down-arrow, and press it. Unfortunately, the first "V" you see is on the up-arrow!

Design suggestion

Instead of the large "V" as a label on the volume control buttons, "Vol" in smaller letters could be used. In general, a control's features such as placement, shape, labeling, size, etc. need to work together to convey how to use the control. In this example, the shape and label convey conflicting information.

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