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Ejection seat

(picture of mini-van seat) A friend, who was sitting in this mini-van seat, wanted to slide the seat back. He reached down under the front of the seat, feeling for the seat adjustment control. Upon feeling a lever (see arrow), he grabbed it and pulled it. Which of the following do you think happened?

(a) Pulling the lever allowed the seat to slide smoothly back.

(b) Pulling the lever detached the seat from the floor, causing the seat to fall over.

You guessed it! The seat fell over. Pulling the lever allows one to quickly detach the seat to make room for cargo. Perhaps a little too quickly!

Most people expect to find a lever near the front of a car seat which allows the seat to slide forward or backward. Most people wouldn't expect a lever near the front of the seat to detach the seat from the floor. In fact, it could be quite dangerous to detach the seat while sitting in it!

Design suggestion

I don't think anyone is going to want to detach a van seat from the floor while sitting in it. The control could be repositioned beneath the seat in such a way that it can not be reached while sitting on the seat.

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