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Making a photocopy

Picture of photocopier 
control panel
Imagine that you just put your document into the photocopier and set the photocopier to make 15 copies, sorted and stapled. Then you push the big button with the "C" to start making your copies. What do you think will happen?

       (a) The photocopier makes the copies correctly.
       (b) The photocopier settings are cleared and no copies are made.

If you selected (b) you are right! The "C" stands for clear, not copy. The copy button is actually the blue button on the left with the "line in a diamond" symbol.

Design suggestion

Start button The "line in the diamond" symbol is a standard symbol for "Start." Many people do not know this. The word "Start" could be added below the symbol making it obvious that this is the button used to make copies.
Clear button The button label "C" is not a standard symbol, although it is used on some photocopiers and other devices. The word "Clear" could be added below the "C" symbol thus indicating its use.

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