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Oh, that's how you open it!

(pack of towelettes opened correctly) Have you ever bought any of those moist towelettes in the handy travel pack? Opening the package is kind of confusing. They look like ordinary packages where you just tear them open along the top. But they have a "secret" flap right on the front of the package. You can open it up, pull out a towelette and then re-seal it. The towelettes in the package don't dry out. Its a nice feature if you know about it.

(pack of towelettes ripped open)

I had an unopened pack of towelettes in my flight bag. (For some reason your hands always get dirty flying and there is never any water around.) A friend asked if he could borrow one. Unfortunately, he didn't find the secret flap on the package until I told him about it ... after he had ripped open the package! Of course, once the package is ripped open, all of the towelettes dry out. (Especially in New Mexico.)

Design suggestion

One way to make it easier to see the secret flap might be to show right on the flap an illustration of fingers opening the flap. Using a package with a less obviously-tearable edge might make it less likely that a person would try to tear open the edge of the package.

Reader's comments

The package could also say "DO NOT OPEN HERE!" on the edges. - GY
Write "OPEN HERE" on the place where you are suppose to open the towlette pack. - EH

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