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What's wrong with this toy?

(Front view of toy) This is one of my child's toys. The toy says things like "put the red block in my hand" or "put the block with the number 8 in my hand" (see photo) and gives appropriate encouragement when the child does it.

When we first unwrapped the toy, I took a block out of the little backpack on the toy's back and placed it in the toy's hand, but I could not get the toy to respond. I thought it was broken.

After some study, my wife noticed a tag near the toy's tail. See photo below. Once the tag was removed, the toy worked fine. The problem was that the tag wasn't easy to discover. I can imagine that other customers, not seeing the tag, might return the toy to the store or call customer service, incurring unnecessary costs for the toy manufacturer.


Design suggestion

The tag should be easier to discover. This could be done by moving the tag to a location where the customer is apt to look. For instance, the customer will look at the toy's hand or the opening of the toy's backpack.

A less costly solution might be to place a sticker with an instruction like "To start, remove the tag near the tail" in a location where the customer is apt to look.

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