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How do you raise the window?

(picture of buttons) This picture shows the buttons to raise and lower the windows on a friend's car. To lower a window you push the corresponding button. To raise the window, you LIFT UP on the button. So you move the button the way you want the window to go. This makes sense, but I still have trouble using the buttons. I think the problem is that people don't expect buttons to LIFT UP. Humm..., maybe if the buttons looked like pull tabs on soda cans...

Design suggestion

People don't expect to lift up or pull on buttons. Controls should operate the way they appear to operate.

Reader's comment

As it turns out, before these new lift-up window buttons, children would stick their heads out of car windows sometimes accidentally pressing down on the window buttons, closing the window on their neck. They were then trapped like that, and they couldn't even see the button to figure out how to lower it. The newer lift-up button design prevents these sometimes fatal accidents. -MF

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