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The phone keeps disconnecting!

(Cordless Phone) The phone rings. I answer. It's my future mother-in-law. We talk. She says, "Let me put Murray on." I wait. Click. The phone is disconnected! I get a call back in a minute. "Hi, Murray accidently hung up the phone."

Why did Murray accidently hang up the phone? Well, here is a picture of the phone. Notice the on-off switch on the side. (See arrow.) This switch is in a bad location because it is on the "handle" of the phone. As a result, the phone user accidently turns the phone off, which causes the phone to disconnect! This seems to happen frequently when handing the phone to someone, switching ears or repositioning the phone.

Design suggestion

One solution would be to move the switch away from the handle. If the purpose of locating the switch on the handle is to make it easy to turn the phone on or off with one hand, then recessing the switch below the surface of the phone would help avoid accidental switching.

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