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Why doesn't this marker cap fit?

Marker Why weren't the kids putting the caps on their colored markers after using them? I noticed that after unsuccessful attempts to put on the caps, they just left the markers uncovered. Sometimes even I had difficulty putting on the marker caps. A closer examination of a marker cap revealed the problem: both ends of the cap look the same. At a glance it looks like the marker can be inserted into either end of the cap. Actually the marker will fit into only one end of the cap. The incorrect end of the cap does not fit either end of the marker.
Incorrect end of marker cap Correct end of marker cap The correct end of the cap does have a slightly raised ring around it, a feature which you may learn to identify. Initially, however, this subtle clue does not help you get the cap on correctly.

Design Suggestion

Good Designs The incorrect end should not appear as if the marker could be inserted. This could be accomplished most naturally by blocking the opening on the incorrect end like these other marker caps.

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