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How much is the gas?

(picture of gas pump) When I get gas for my car, I have to make an effort to read this gas pump display carefully or I confuse the dollar cost of the gas purchased with the amount of gas purchased. I need to know the dollar cost, not the number of gallons. It doesn't look like it would be confusing, but it is. The dollar cost should be more obvious. A person shouldn't have to make an effort to read a display like this.

Design suggestion

When you have several similar displays close together and lined up, people will confuse them with each other. The displays could be different sizes, positions, colors, etc.

Further thoughts

Yesterday a friend and I were at a convenience store getting gas. The gas pump had exactly the same display as is pictured above. We got 10 gallons for 13 dollars and my friend went in to pay thinking that the gas was 10 dollars. So there really is something confusing about this display!

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