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Which control turns on the fan?

(picture of fan) This picture shows a ceiling fan with a built-in light. The problem here is to figure out and remember which chain is for controlling the light and which is for the fan. One nice thing about this design is that the two chains have different pulls so you won't easily mistake them for each other.

Design suggestion

There are two things to consider when designing a set of controls. First, the user needs to distinguish between the controls, so the controls shouldn't look the same. Second, the user needs to associate each control with the thing it controls. So a control should in some way be like the thing it controls. For instance, the chain that controls the light could have a miniature light bulb on the end. The chain that controls the fan could have a miniature fan on the end.

Further thoughts

I don't remember which chain controls the fan. I think it is the one without the yellow tassle. That would be my guess, because the yellow tassle looks like "rays" of light so it should control the light.

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