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What time is it?

A) Display too dark, B) Message overlays time, C) Time visible

This is my cell phone. In addition to using it as a phone, I use it to see the time of day. The cell phone has the time on the display, so all I have to do it pull it out of my pocket and look at the display (See photo C.) Like many other people who carry a cell phone, I don't wear a wrist watch anymore.

The cell phone has a keypad lock feature which keeps buttons from accidentally being pressed and making "pocket" calls, while the phone is in my pocket. When the phone is not in direct light and you want to see what time it is, you can not easily read the display without the display light on (See photo A). If you press any button, the display will light up (See photo B.) Unfortunately, this also brings up a message instructing you how to unlock the phone, which covers up the time. You have to wait for two seconds until the message disappears and reveals the time (See photo C.) Two seconds doesn't seem like much time to wait, but it is annoying because it happens frequently.

Design suggestion

D) Smaller message doesn't overlay time; time visible One solution would be to make the message smaller so it doesn't cover up the time (See photo D.) This could be done by having the message only describe how to unlock the phone, since that is what the person needs to know to use it. For me, and probably many others, seeing the time immediately is important, since this is our primary way of telling time.

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