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Ok, which code do I write down?

(picture of parking lot) Imagine this scenario. You get to the airport only half an hour before your flight. You park your car in long term parking and see the shuttle bus coming. As you grab your bags, you remember that you should write down where your car is parked otherwise you won't be able to find it when your return from your trip. You look around and see "F7" on the ground. Then you look over and see "15" on a light pole! Then you look over at the shuttle bus stop and it says "E". Ok, so what code do I write down? "F7", "15" or "E"?

Design suggestion

A person doesn't know which of the codes is important so a single simple coding scheme should be devised. You don't want people thinking "Is F7 specific enough or are there multiple F7s? Do I need to know both E and F7?"

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